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New government proposals abandon people fleeing war and persecution. We’re calling for a more humane approach to people seeking protection in the UK.

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Seven refugees from seven decades and seven countries mark 70 years of the UN Refugee Convention

Seventy years of protecting refugees

70th anniversary of the UN Refugee Convention

70 years since the UK signed the UN Refugee Convention refugees from the seven decades recreate photo of original. In this video they describe what the convention and being welcomed in the UK has meant to them.

Refugees from 7 decades mark the 70th anniversary of the UN Refugee Convention which takes place on 28 July 2021 Left to right standing: Linh Vu (arrived 1979) Bharat Gheewala (arrived 1964) Paul Lorber (arrived 1968) Baraa Halabieh (arrived 2016) Darius Nasimi (arrived 1999) Abu-Zayd Abdulrahman (arrived 2004) Karim Shirin (arrived 1994) Remzije Duli (arrived 1991) Mukund Nathwani (arrived 1972) Ibrahim Dogus (arrived 1991) Dr Nooralhaq Nasimi (arrived 1999) Tom Leimdorfer (arrived 1956) Aloysius Ssali (arrived 2005) Tesfai Berhane Sebhat (arrived 1981) Left to right sitting Gillian Slovo (arrived 1964) Dr Saad Maida (arrived 2010) George Szirtes (arrived 1956) Hong Dam (arrived 1980)

“It’s a great milestone, to be able to celebrate it and to pause and reflect"

Seventy years ago today the UK signed the UN Refugee Convention. Together With Refugees invited refugees from each of those seven decades to re-create the original signing of the Convention.

Signature of the 1951 Refugee Convention in Geneva

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