Together With Refugees

We believe in a fairer, kinder and more effective approach to refugees.

Photo Credit: © UNHCR/Andrew McConnell

We are a coalition of organisations that believe in a more compassionate approach to refugees.

Message from the Thames: Share the film and tag your MP

Celebrities and refugees take to the Thames to send a message to MPs

Share the film and tag your MP and ask them to vote for amendments to the Nationality and Borders Bill. MPs could secure signficant concessions to the bill, by doing the right thing and voting for Lords amendments (6 and 11). 

Orange heart projected on House of Commons

Our joint influence and impact with peers and MPs

We're doing a deeper assessment of our parliamentary work as part of a reflection of the coalition's wider work. In the meantime, Tom Nguyen, Parliamentary and Public Affairs Manager who has been coordinating with coalition members, gives his immediate thoughts on what we have achieved together.

Drawing of the hands of one person sharing a dish with anothering

Community picnics at the end of “Healing” Refugee Week

Why not have a community picnic and come together and celebrate all your work at the end of Refugee Week. People with lived experience, those from the refugee and migrant support sector, and all those in the community who support and want to show solidarity, can come together to share a meal...