Campaigners hold up signs which spell FAIR BEGINS HERE and orange hearts

Fair Begins Here Valentine’s Day action – campaign toolkit

15 January 2024

With the government pushing its inhumane Rwanda scheme back through Parliament, our new campaign Fair Begins Here couldn’t be more urgent or important. Fair Begins Here puts the theme of fairness at its heart – because now is the moment for a fairer and more compassionate approach towards refugees in the UK. To learn more about the context and aims of the campaign, you can watch back our online briefing session here. 

This Valentine’s Day on February 14th we invite you to stand up for fairness for refugees by launching Fair Begins Here in your community and joining thousands of people sending messages of kindness to refugees across the country. The Valentine’s Day action will kickstart the biggest ever call for political leaders of all parties to introduce a fair new plan for refugees in the UK. 

Please click here to access the Fair Begins Here Campaign Toolkit  

The toolkit is full of top tips and resources to help you make a big-hearted splash in your communities on Valentine’s Day in February. There are three ways to get your community involved:  

  1. Organise a joint media letter of support: bring together prominent people from right across your community to show support for refugees and the coalition’s fair new plan for refugees. Promote it in the local media and social media to reach as many people as possible.  
  1. Share refugee solidarity Valentine’s Day cards: show that your community is one of love and solidarity for refugees and supports a fair new plan for refugees.  
  1. Get organised for the campaign ahead: Create a Together With Refugees hub in your area by reaching out to different groups who care about the issue to run Fair Begins Here campaign activities over coming months.  

We are pleased to have collaborated with Schools of Sanctuary to produce an activity pack specially aimed at schools – please download here the school activity pack and share with anyone interested.  

Please do get in touch with the team with any questions or suggestions, and let us know about your plans – at info[at]