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Why the orange heart

The orange heart represents compassion for people fleeing war and persecution. Inspired by the refugee nation flag, and the colours of a lifebelt, the heart symbolises hope and kindness. By recreating and sharing the heart on your social media channels you can show your support for refugees. 


Join our call for a kinder, fairer and more effective approach to supporting refugees by sending a message on social media using the hashtags #WhoWeAre and #TogetherWithRefugees. There are some suggested messages and graphics in several links below.

Animation with the words kinder fairer approach to refugees

Show your heart

Here are some ways to show your support for a more compassionate approach to refugees.

Support our latest campaign

Together with Refugees is profoundly concerned about the government’s proposed #RefugeeBanBill that is currently being rushed through parliament.

The government’s proposed bill, if passed, will not just strip people fleeing war and persecution of their right to seek safety in the UK but punish them, based simply on how they came here, not whether they need protection. This would amount to an asylum ban.

The government claims it is pursuing this policy because this is the will of the British people. We need to stand up and say that the #RefugeeBanBill does not represent us, and that most people in this country want an asylum system that is kinder, fairer and more effective.

Click here for 4 ways to stand up to the #RefugeeBanBill

Here are some other ways to show your support for a more compassionate approach to refugees

  • Add an orange heart to your Twitter or Facebook profile;
  • Share this gif and ask friends and family to share it too. Add your own message. If you have a Twitter account you can share it from here;
  • Print this window sign showing you stand in solidarity with refugees and put it in a public facing window.
  • If possible, take a photo and share it on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #TogetherWithRefugees.

Shareable graphics and messages

Here you can find some artwork that you can share to help publicise the Together With Refugees coalition. 

And here are some messages of support from activists, including actress Juliet Stevenson and comedian Patrick Monahan.

Follow us on Twitter @RefugeeTogether. Search for the hashtags #TogetherWithRefugees and #WhoWeAre.

If you are a local group and would like inspiration and ideas of ways to show support please check out our campaign guide.