How to make a bad bill a bit better…

The Nationality and Borders Bill will see people fleeing war and persecution – some of the world’s most vulnerable people – criminalised, detained and deported.

We are calling on MPs to accept two vital reforms to this bill proposed by the House of Lords:

+MPs are being asked to approve a change to remove Clause 11 from the bill which would punish refugees seeking protection who have been forced to make desperate journeys to get to the UK. Were this legislation on the statute books already, potentially thousands of Ukrainian, Afghan and Syrian refugees, let down by the caps, delays and restrictions in current schemes, who travel to the UK without authorisation would be denied fundamental rights and entitlements that are owed to them under the Refugee Convention.

+One of only two reforms that would expand safe routes for refugees, MPs are also being urged to agree a compromise solution in the bill for the government to publish an annual target for the number of refugees resettled in the UK, and for this to be at least 10,000 from around the world each year.

With war in Europe driving an exodus of refugees in search of safety, fighting the extreme measures in this bill has never been more important. Time is running out for the Government to change course – MPs must vote to ensure the UK protects, not punishes, those seeking safety in our communities.