One last push on Nationality and Borders Bill

We still have a short time to secure some concessions before the Nationality and Borders Bill passes into law. Please join us for one last push in these final weeks. Even if we fail to deliver substantive defeats on the bill, we need to demonstrate that the UK government is on its own, and the bill does not reflect #WhoWeAre.

Landmark action – 21 March

Photo credit: SWVG Stephen Sizer

We need to show the depth and breadth of support for a more compassionate approach to refugees.

Those of you who have already presented your public signs of support in great big orange hearts at local landmarks could build on your efforts with a bigger show of support. If you’ve already collected signs of support from your communities, assemble them into huge orange hearts and place them on a local landmark on 21 March. Of course, any interpretation of this action works, so long as it helps to demonstrate public support for the fairer, kinder and more effective approach to refugees that we all want to see.

For those of you getting started, you could check out ideas in the ‘Show Your Heart’ section (from page 11) of the Campaign Pack. And for inspiration see the October Week of Action in pictures and the Week of Action in December. There’s some ideas there – but you have shown that your ideas are best!

Big or small whatever suits your capacity

Many groups will be organising landmark actions, but any creative response big or small to help achieve the following objectives is great:

  • Demonstrate widespread local support for a more compassionate approach to refugees;
  • Engaging and reaching out beyond our supporter base to members of the local community;
  • Highlighting the locality for photographs (all events will appear on a map to show depth and breadth of support). This could be through landmarks, but equally the name of the place written on a placard, banner or in the sand, would do it!

Plans are already underway to land hearts on iconic landmarks in Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle, Bristol and Cardiff.

Resources to support you

Here is the media toolkit which includes a Press Release template. This will be updated over the coming days as we get more information about what’s happening around the country.

Here is an updated template letter to send to your MP.

Here’s a folder of artwork of the orange heart and materials that may be useful.

In this blog post, Jonathan Kazembe of One Strong Voice, shares some tips and hints about their plans for a landmark action in Manchester. And the Southampton and Winchester Visitors Group shares insights from their campaigns over the last few months.