Fair begins here

Refugee Week and Refugee Festival Scotland 2024

10 July, 2024

With Refugee Week/Refugee Festival Scotland taking place in the middle of the general election campaign, the Together With Refugees coalition came together to show politicians that the majority of people in the UK want a kinder, fairer and more effective approach.

To kick things off we launched the Fair Begins Here Promise and saw hundreds of organisations sign up. By signing the Promise organisations are standing together to reject hostility, demonstrating solidarity with refugees and committing to taking action to win a fair new plan for refugees. If you haven’t already, you can sign the Fair Begins Here Promise here.

During Refugee Week/Refugee Festival Scotland people from all walks of life and across the country came together in their communities and online to demand a fair new plan for refugees. Hundreds of organisations joined our World Refugee Day thunderclap and made sure our demand for a fair new plan for refugees was all over social media throughout Refugee Week/Refugee Festival Scotland. You can see a collection of the brilliant social media content here. Huge thanks to everyone who took part!

To mark World Refugee Day, we brought together Team Fair Begins Here. Famous faces including Big Zuu, Brian Cox, Joanna Lumley and Juliet Stevenson joined leaders from our movement including lived experience campaigners to call for a fair new plan for refugees. As the England football team were playing in the Euros that evening and Scotland had played the night before, members of the team came together for a kick about outside the Houses of Parliament. In high spirits they sang along to football classic ‘Tubthumping’ (I get knocked down, but I get up again) by Chumbawamba, led by lead singer Dunstan Bruce accompanied by Cassie Fox of I, Dori. The World Refugee Day action was covered in the media and made a splash on social media. Dr Wanda Wyporska, the CEO of Safe Passage International, also lent her voice to a brilliant article about Team Fair Begins Here.