A block of bright orange with a dotted white line in the shape of a heart, reflecting the Together With Refugees orange heart of compassion.

Together With Refugees Day Of Action

Save the date: Friday 23rd September!

Being loud and visible as a movement is needed now, as much as it ever has been, in our work to end the government’s cruel policy to send people seeking protection in the UK to Rwanda without ever having their claim heard here.

That’s why we are busy working up plans for the next Together With Refugees Day of Action.

On Friday 23rd September 2022, we will bring the power of our collective voices from across our coalition to the campaign against the Rwanda scheme.

With the court hearings on the Rwanda scheme taking place across September and October, the announcement of the new Conservative leader on 5th September, Labour Party Conference kicking off on 25th September and Conservative Party Conference on 2nd October, this will be a crucial period for us to raise our united voice to press for the new Prime Minister’s government to make a decisive move away from this cruel and unworkable policy. 

Watch this space for developments of our plan to deliver a creative, engaging and impactful Day of Action!