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Who we are

We are a coalition of organisations big and small who believe in showing compassion for people fleeing war, persecution or violence. Our members include grassroots, community and refugee-led groups, international development charities, trade unions and faith groups. 


The coalition was founded by Asylum Matters, British Red Cross, Freedom from Torture, Rainbow Migration, Refugee Action, Refugee Council and Scottish Refugee Council.


We believe that how we treat refugees is about who we are. At our best, we are welcoming and kind to those facing difficult times. Together, we are calling for a better approach to supporting refugees that is more effective, fair and humane.


This means:

  • that people fleeing war and persecution should be able to seek safety in the UK no matter how they come here.
  • people seeking safety can live in dignity while they wait for a decision on their asylum application.
  • empowering refugees to rebuild their lives and make valuable contributions to our communities.
  • the UK working with other countries to do our bit to help people who are forced to flee their homes.


The coalition is open, diverse and flexible. It is united in the broad aims set out above and its shared principles of respect, tolerance, non-violence, and independence from party politics. 


With your support, we are calling for a kinder, fairer and more effective approach to supporting refugees. Be part of the change you want to see.

Young refugee playing table tennis
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